Enterprise IT Security Business Practices to Avoid [infographic]

This infographic breaks down six enterprise security practices to work on for improved cyber security in the internet driven business world.

Digital Signage Will Not Be Ignored

Digital Signage Will Not Be Ignored

Digital signage is growing. Businesses are using digital signage throughout their establishment to go green, save money, and increase customer interaction. Changes to the design or information within digital menu boards, itineraries, and community calendars are remotely managed and alterations such as price updates are complete within minutes. Establishments use small versions of digital signage…

How to create a strong password (infographic)

A strong and secure password is the first line of defense in protecting yourself from a potential security event. It is often the only thing standing between a hacker and your private information. Here are the┬ábiggest password mistakes to avoid. Hackers often use software to crack passwords, so having a password that is long and…