Stop Dirty Power from affecting technology

If you have critical components within your organization then you have a concern with poor power quality or “dirty power”. That same dirty power causes headaches for not only utility companies, but the facilities they service. So, what is Dirty Power? and how does it affect my business technologies?

Whether you call them transients, surges, spikes, sags, lags or interruptions, these abnormalities in the electrical flow coming into your system pose threats to the components that house your information and hardware. In today’s world though, there are many options to keep you from worrying about those surges of power, and let you focus on the business at hand.

Data Cloud Backup

By backing up your data to an off site location, you give yourself the ability to protect assets from the on site hazards that may exist. Hazards such as those dirty power scenarios or simply true outages stemming from inclement weather, failure from vehicle or construction accidents, or even damages caused by curious animals.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible power supplies protect your hardware from unexpected power failures. Damage to components, structure, fatality, or data loss can occur with a surge or spike of power. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS), helps keep the power going long enough to give proper short-term power when input power fails. It helps to discuss with a professional to find the right choice for your organization.

Fail-over / Backup Solutions

Fail-over plans are becoming more popular as costs for network downtime goes up. These plans will keep your organization running through high-speed internet connection, when remote LAN and equipment have lost connectivity through the primary internet connection. These solutions will allow you to work without a hiccup and assess the issue while remaining up and running. Limited downtime is the key here and a fail-over solution helps you limit that. Tie National, LLC can help you understand your options, just call (630) 518-9600.

The time to assess your critical system components has never been more important. Take the time and contact us, and we will prepare a proper game plan to help you stay online through the worst outages.







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