Three Reasons to Disclose an Insider Breach

When you’ve experienced an insider breach, your first thought is that you don’t want to have to reveal it. In many cases, you may fear that revealing the breach may cause you to lose business, upset customers, and cause future security problems for your business. The reality, however, is that it’s increasingly important for your business to report insider breaches caused by members of your team, whether inadvertently or deliberately.

Buyer Beware - How to spot a fake cloud solution

Buyer Beware – How to Spot a Fake Cloud Solution

When you’re looking for a cloud solution for your business, you want a high-quality offering. It needs to be strong and fast enough to support the needs of your business, but it also needs to have real cyber security that will prevent a range of threats from reaching your business’s important data, shutting down your…

Digital Signage Will Not Be Ignored

Digital Signage Will Not Be Ignored

Digital signage is growing. Businesses are using digital signage throughout their establishment to go green, save money, and increase customer interaction. Changes to the design or information within digital menu boards, itineraries, and community calendars are remotely managed and alterations such as price updates are complete within minutes. Establishments use small versions of digital signage…

Cybersecurity's Legal Gray Areas

Cybersecurity’s Legal Gray Areas

Cybersecurity is a fast-growing arena that is constantly changing. New threats arise every day–and often the law hasn’t grown fast enough to keep up with them. Cybersecurity’s legal gray areasĀ are all too familiar to many hackers.